Recent Published Papers and Reviews

New Paper in J Neurosci.(2015)

Defects in Synaptic Plasticity, Reduced NMDA-Receptor Transport, and Instability of Postsynaptic Density Proteins in Mice Lacking Microtubule-Associated Protein 1A.

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New Paper in Cell Rep.(2015)

Microtubule Destabilizer KIF2A Undergoes Distinct Site-Specific Phosphorylation Cascades that Differentially Affect Neuronal Morphogenesis.

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New Paper in Neuron.(2015)

Mechanism of Activity-Dependent Cargo Loading via the Phosphorylation of KIF3A by PKA and CaMKIIa.

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New Paper in EMBO J.(2015)

X-ray and Cryo-EM structures reveal mutual conformational changes of Kinesin and GTP-state microtubules upon binding.

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New Paper in J Neurosci.(2015)

Characterizing KIF16B in Neurons Reveals a Novel Intramolecular “Stalk Inhibition” Mechanism That Regulates Its Capacity to Potentiate the Selective Somatodendritic Localization of Early Endosomes.

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New Paper in Dev Cell.(2014)

Antioxidant signaling involving the microtubule motor KIF12 is an intracellular target of nutrition excess in beta cells.

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New Paper in J Cell Biol.(2014)

KIF13B enhances the endocytosis of LRP1 by recruiting LRP1 to caveolae.

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