Recent Published Papers and Reviews

New Paper in EMBO J. (2022)

A neuropathy-associated kinesin KIF1A mutation hyper-stabilizes the motor-neck interaction during the ATPase cycle

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New Paper in Cell Rep. (2021)

Betaine ameliorates schizophrenic traits by functionally compensating for KIF3-based CRMP2 transport

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New Paper in Sci Adv. (2020)

An activity-dependent local transport regulation via degradation and synthesis of KIF17 underlying cognitive flexibility

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New Paper in EMBO. (2019)

Kinesin Kif3b mutation reduces NMDAR subunit NR2A trafficking and causes schizophrenia-like phenotypes in mice

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New Paper in Life SciAlliance. (2019)

Enhanced carbonyl stress induces irreversible multimerization of CRMP2 in schizophrenia pathogenesis.

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New Paper in Cell Rep. (2019)

The Spatiotemporal Construction of the Axon Initial Segment via KIF3/KAP3/TRIM46 Transport under MARK2 Signaling.

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